Friday, 24 September 2010

les khakis

I am always on the hunt for new nail polishes, and new colours, and my nails are nearly always painted. Once again, like with my jewelery, this has probably reached the stage of an unhealthy addiction, and my bathroom cupboard is jam-packed with all my nail polishes in different colours and from different makes. My favourite brands include Herome (a stunning array of different colours, and lovely quality), O.P.I (great quality, luxury nail polish!), Model's own, and I also really recommend H+M nail polishes, as they have the trendiest colours, are great quality and only cost 3.95 euro!

Chanel's 'Les khakis' collection for autumn, are the colours currently on my wish-list.  The collection consists of three limited-editions hues — Khaki Rose, a dusky pink-beige; Khaki Vert, a mossy foam green; and Khaki Brun, a pale stony taupe, and I think that each of these three would be the perfect finishing touch to any autumn outfit!

However, their prices and the current state of my bank account mean that these three colours will probably remain on my wish-list for a long time, if not foreverr...Which is where I'm quite thankful for Model's Own! The brand has recently released their own new collection, called 'Car Keys' (get it?), which seems to be heavily inspired by the 'Les khakis' collection, at a much more bank account friendly price! 


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