Thursday, 30 June 2011

exotic luxury

I'm a big fan of summer, and it is without doubt my favourite season, also style and fashion wise. Summer screams time for colour after a drab winter of greys and winter, and allows you the freedom to experiment with different shapes, colours, and styles.  I'm also a fan of most beach editorials, and this shoot with Sara von Schrenk by Markuz Ziegler for Elle Mexico's July issue does not disappoint. One of the things that sets this shoot apart from all the other beach editorials is the hint of exotic luxury bought about by special attention to detail, and the fact that every shot is bathed in rich, deep colour. Stunning.

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

newly discovered divinity

I can't stop listening to this. Elena Tonra has the most angelic voice and the ability to say a lot with very little words. Hauntingly beautiful.

Daughter - His Young Heart EP by ohDaughter