Thursday, 28 October 2010

winter accessories

Nails Inc. - Nail Polish - Portobello Road
Nails Inc. - Nail Polish - Cadogan Square
TopShop - Snood
Miss Selfridge - Black floppy hat
Urban Outiffters - Earrings
Monki - Belt
TopShop - Necklace
                                                                     TopShop - Mittens

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Seven Nation Army - Ben l'Oncle Soul

This song is continuously on repeat on my ipod, the perfect song to cheer up any rainy day! A big thanks to Celeste for introducing me to it! 


Sunday, 24 October 2010

winter hides

I know winter has well and truly arrived in Holland when a thin layer of frost appears on my bicycle seat every morning, when my bike ride to school every morning takes place in the pitch black, and when my feet are continuously numb with the cold! The arrival of winter also means that the time of year has come to dig out the thick winter coats, or to go on a hunt for a new one! I myself am currently on a search for a new winter jacket, and whilst doing research have stumbled on some gorgeous pieces, in a variety of different styles! Below are some of my favourites...

Hopefully during my up and coming trip to London I will find my perfect winter coat, and fingers crossed it will also be bit more affordable than the d&g and burberry!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Last night I went to the Goldfish concert at Melkweg in Amsterdam, and it was simply amazing! I was a big fan of Goldfish before, but  after experiencing last night my love for them as increased even more! Their music is the perfect mix of dance, electronica and jazz, and not only is a great soundtrack to a night out, but it's also the perfect background music to my long nights of studying. 

Goldfish have recently released their second album, and last night they played a mix of their old hits and their new ones. 

Below is one of the songs from their new album, 'Get Busy Living':

And below are some of my favourites from their first album...

Hold Tight

Fort Knox

The Real Deal



Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting lately, unfortunately school, MUN and homework have temporarily taken over! I hope to have time to post properly again after this weekend! For now I have decided to sharesome of my favorite and most inspiring images...

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Don't get me wrong, I love the Netherlands, and I absolutely love living here. Right now, at this time, and at my current age, there is no other country I would even consider living in.

However, one of the little things that occasionally can get on my nerves is the shopping here. There are a few stores, like Zara and H+M that one can rely on for great finds, only as they are two of the most popular stores with limited collections, it's pretty much guaranteed that you will know someone else who has unfortunately found the same great find. The rest of the stores sell great basics, but I feel as if it's all the same, and it gets a bit boring.  And sure there are lots of cute little boutiques around, especially in Amsterdam, only they're not always the easiest to find, or the most accessible. Also style-wise, it sometimes feels as if I'm living in a country full of identical robots, the typical outfit being tight jeans, cute shirt and leather jacket, accessorized with either uggs or moccasins and a tassel bag. There is no doubt that it's a cute look, but seeing it pretty much every day means that it can get quite tiresome. Furthermore, it means that when you decide to wear something more original, perhaps even something simple like a floral dress with boots and a cute trilby, you can feel quite out of place, especially if you're not in Amsterdam.

This simple and quite basic style is an idea reflected on the main shopping street of Amsterdam, the kalverstraat. The kalverstraat is home to several vero modas, onlys invitos, H+M's and also a giant Zara. A great shopping destination for the simple basics, but not the most inspiring shopping destination. Which is why when I was walking down the kalverstraat today, I was thrilled to stumble upon 'Monki', a relatively new store on the kalverstraat.

Monki is a Swedish store concept and fashion brand, selling something different at affordable prices!  I fell in love with about 10 different items on my first visit, yet unfortunately my budget only let me walk away with one piece, below, which I was more than happy to spend 30euro on.

 Below are some of my other favourites:

To find out more you can visit their website: