Friday, 27 May 2011

love for topshop

This week rumours have started going round about a potential Topshopbeing launched in Amsterdam on 10th june. This of course has generated huge excitement amongst the Topshop lovers here in Holland, yet unfortunately their ultimate dreams may not be coming true. The poster that was released (above) that was the source of all the rumours was slightly misleading, as it is in fact not a poster detailing a launch of Topshop but it publicises the launch of a Topshop line in the chain SPRMRKT, an already existing store chain in Amsterdam. A little Topshop is definitely better than no Topshop, but I'm still hoping for the day Topshop Amsterdam properly arrives!

Topshop continuously offers quality, on-trend pieces at affordable prices, and this season their jewelery collection has surpassed all expectations. Below is a sample of my favourite necklaces, you can vist their website to find more:

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